IRB Training

Principal investigators and IRB members must complete an approved training before conducting or reviewing research. Investigators with current certificates (within the past 3 years), should forward the credential to

Investigators may seek and pay for their own in-person or online training.  In order to be assured it will be accepted, a consultation with IRB is encouraged before committing.  MCC recommends the Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP) Online Training and may subsidize the registration for approved research.

PHRP Online Training is intended for those involved in research with human subjects, or who have responsibilities for setting policies and procedures with respect to such research, such as Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).  The mission of PHRP Online Training is to provide current and accessible training to ensure ethical and safe practices whenever research is being conducted with human participants. PHRP provides interactive practice for core concepts following HHS requirements, as well as exam questions to ensure course integrity. This training course is comprised of 7 modules, 4 of which are followed by a quiz.  The entire course takes approximately 3 hours to complete.  Contact the MCC IRB for more information.

Last Modified: 3/26/24