Program Review Data Dashboard

  • Important:  Read directions for selecting program(s) and exporting program data
  • Click on the link: Program Review: Applicants, Enrolled, Degrees, Transfers to get to the dashboard
  • Within the dashboards, make program(s) selections in the Applicant, Headcount Trend, Degrees, and Transfer Tableau worksheets
  • The information can be downloaded to a PowerPoint by doing the following:
    • In the lower right corner of the screen, below the visualization, is a small rectangle with a downward arrow.  Click on this download icon.
    • When a box pops up with selections, click on PowerPoint.
    • Then Select Specific Sheets from this workbook
    • Check on Select All to get the entire set of visualizations
    • Click on Download button
    • Save downloaded PowerPoint file

To get disaggregated course data, department chairs should submit an IR data request with a list of critical courses.

Last Modified: 2/11/20