Steps to Enrolling and Completing Intensive English Institute Courses

MCC’s Intensive English Institute welcomes both domestic applicants and applicants seeking an F1 Student Visa.  For information please visit the IEI International Student Application Process page. The International student application process is in addition to the steps below.


1. Send test scores

Students may send to  their official test score from one of the following exams: TOEFL iBT=48 >, or IELTS=5 > or Duolingo=75> to prove eligibility for admission into IEI.

2. Email to make an appointment

Schedule your English language communication skills interview and learn about the Intensive English Institute at The Director of the Intensive English Institute will give you information about the courses and availability, and make sure the class will meet your needs.

3. Discuss the results of your English Language Communication Skills Interview

During your English language communication skills interview, a counselor will spend time with you to evaluate the following skills:  listening, speaking, reading, comprehending, and writing. The counselor will discuss your results and advise which level classes to take. They will alternatively advise you if your skills are below or above the classes offered and introduce you to other ELL programs that may be more appropriate for your needs.

4. Take the online ABLE B2 Placement Test before classes begin

Your counselor will schedule a test date for you. You will be emailed instructions on how you need to prepare to take this test.  This test evaluates English language communication skills in 4 areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking with tasks that evaluate knowledge of grammar. This test is administered by Hellenic American University online and assures that you will be successful in the Intensive English Institute classes. The test will take approximately 2 ½ hours.

5. Cost of Attendance

Note:  All first-semester (high intermediate and advanced) Intensive English Institute students pay a one-time only $100 fee for their online English language communication skills test administration.

Tuition for the IEI course of study does not include text materials or the cost of books. The cost of text materials per semester is approximately $300.

The cost of a 15-week semester IEI course of study for local, domestic students is $450.00. 

The cost of a 15-week semester IEI course of study for international students is $5,760.00. 

International student applicants must show proof of sufficient funds to support themselves for their course of study at MCC.  In addition to the cost of tuition and text materials, the estimated living expenses (housing, food, transportation) is $12,650.00 per academic year.*  For more information regarding international student applicants and financial documents, please follow this link for more general information

For inquiries please email MCC’s Director of Diversity Recruitment, Jeff Tejada at, or by telephone, 978-656-3380.

*Please note prices are subject to change.

Tuition Waivers for Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees:
Commonwealth of Massachusetts employees with approved tuition waivers, tuition remission, or tuition vouchers may register for the approved Intensive English Institute course and be eligible to take courses at a reduced rate. Individuals with tuition waivers are responsible for the cost of all materials, fees, supplies and/or books. Tuition waiver forms are obtained within your state agency’s human resources department. 
For internal MCC employees:

6. Register and pay for the course

Register and pay for courses immediately online or in person.

7. Attend orientation at the beginning of new term

The first two days of class every semester are devoted to orientation to the Intensive English Institute and Middlesex Community College. You will learn more about your IEI classes, the college, and your new classmates and have an opportunity to ask lots of questions and learn how you will be successful in reaching your goals.

8. Attend a 15-week course

All IEI students come to class 4 times a week for 15 weeks. Each class meets for 2 and ½ hours each morning and 2 hours each afternoon. Students are expected to attend every class.

Students are required to be at least 80% present in their classes to be considered progressing in their program. This is especially important when learning a second language. Attendance is carefully taken for each class throughout each week and each semester. It is widely recognized in education that attending classes is the most important factor impacting student success and progress.

Student academic success is of utmost importance to MCC’s IEI instructors and director. As a result, If students are getting close to falling below the 80% attendance requirement, the following steps will be taken:

  • IEI instructors will talk with students about their attendance and absenteeism patterns and remind them of the 80% attendance requirement and the importance of academic and language learning success.
  • IEI instructors will notify IEI director with an e-mail message regarding any student who is at risk of falling below the 80%requirement for attendance and that they have had a conversation with the students involved.
  • IEI director will reach out to the students who are at risk of falling below the 80% requirement for attendance via e-mail and telephone to confirm their comprehension and to discuss a plan for improvement.
  • IEI director will update and inform the IEI instructors via e-mail summarizing the conversations with the students who are at risk of falling below the 80% requirement for attendance.
If the students fall below the 80% requirement for attendance despite the steps for intervention, they will be advised to withdraw from the class.

Last Modified: 4/12/24