Students in class
Professsor listening to students
Students outside Lowell Campus
Students outside Lowell Campus

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
9am - 2pm

Carole Cowan Center, Lowell Campus

For information on cost of attendance please click on the link in the menu, Steps to Enrolling and Completing Courses.

Mission: Middlesex Community College’s Intensive English Institute provides rigorous English instruction and cultural training necessary for success in higher education in the United States. The IEI is committed to the goal of delivering quality evidence-based curriculum, informed by research and designed to prepare non-native speakers of English for the academic language needed for positive outcomes in pursuit of their own higher educational experiences in the U.S.A. The IEI considers its role as a contributor to MCC’s mission and vision by offering academic excellence and transforming lives through educational and career opportunities for all members of our community. We empower all learners to become productive and socially responsible members of our local and global communities.

Placement into either high-intermediate or advanced courses to be determined by a face-to-face English language evaluation involving listening and speaking and reading and writing.

Last Modified: 2/9/24