2024 Evening of Excellence & Health Pinning Speakers

Evening of Excellence

Prachi Dayal

headshot photo of Prachi Dayal
Paralegal Studies

An MCC tutor and Blackboard Ambassador, Prachi completed an internship at Lowell Juvenile Court and was this year’s recipient of the Deborah Walsh Paralegal Studies Award. She plans to transfer to pursue her bachelor’s degree and one day go to law school.

“Being named an Evening of Excellence speaker is such an honor. My speech reflects on a letter I wrote to my future self in sixth grade, and it was so healing to write and read out loud. Being nominated and then selected instilled so much confidence, and I am so grateful to the people who helped me get there.”

Maddy Fadden

headshot photo of Maddy Fadden
Liberal Studies

A member and now mentor of MCC’s Success Scholars Program, Maddy was president of Club Prism and is a Commonwealth Honors Scholar. Hoping to one day work in student affairs in higher education, she will transfer to Southern New Hampshire University to earn a bachelor’s in General Studies with a concentration in Diversity and Cultural Awareness.

“To be an Evening of Excellence speaker is such an honor. I feel appreciated for everything I’ve done for this community. I truly don’t have enough words to explain how much this means to me.”

Muy Ngy Lov

Muy Ngy LovBiology

From Cambodia and now living in Lowell, Muy Ngy is an active member of the college community, participating in as many MCC activities and clubs as possible. For her work around campus, she received a Distinguished Student Award for Student Spirit. Interested in pursuing pre-medicine studies, Muy Ngy plans to transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree and one day go to medical school.

“To be named an Evening of Excellence speaker, it is both an honor and an opportunity to use my voice to inspire others – especially the youth – and to share my story. To win an award, it felt surreal as I never thought I would even be considered. It is a privilege and an honor.”

Health Pinning

Gordana Marchio

headshot photo of Gordana Marchio

Dental Hygiene
Serbia & Winchester

One of two recipients of this year’s Dental Hygiene Award for Academic Excellence, Gordana is a tutor for MCC’s Academic Centers for Enrichment and has completed clinicals at the VA Bedford Hospital, Middlesex House of Corrections, and the D’Youville Life and Wellness Community. After graduating, she plans to work in private practice, continue her education to receive a master’s, and one day teach in the field.

“Being named a health pinning speaker is a tremendous honor and privilege. My hope is that my speech will be inspiring and motivating for others, especially those who may be facing their own challenges or contemplating their next steps in life.”

Katie Matte

Katie MatteNursing

Graduating from MCC’s nursing program with high honors, Katie took evening and weekend classes to balance her studies with working a full-time job and raising two children. With a master’s in public health, she has worked in healthcare for over a decade, choosing to enter the nursing field to offer high-quality care to vulnerable populations. Katie has already accepted a role working in acute care at a local hospital and plans to pursue a master’s degree.

“I am excited to share our journey together and I’m so proud to be part of this amazing cohort of students. MCC is the launchpad I needed to transition into a second career as a nurse. It would not have been possible for me without a program structured like this, and I’ve found many local hospitals have so much respect for the education we get here.”

Last Modified: 5/21/24