2018 Commencement Speaker

Grad Speaker Gail Tuzzolo

Gail Tuzzolo

This year’s Commencement speaker is alum Gail Tuzzolo (Class of 1975), a national political consultant based in Las Vegas, and President of the MCC Alumni Association. She will also be presented the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award.

A graduate of Winchester High School, Tuzzolo enrolled at Middlesex in the 1970s when she was a stay-at-home mom raising her two small children. She went on to earn a degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences at Middlesex, and continued her education, majoring in psychology, at Salem State University.

“I was fortunate. If I hadn’t been able to get that start with Middlesex, I don’t know what my future would have held,” said Tuzzolo.

For more than four decades, Tuzzolo has been working as a lobbyist and consultant for dozens of political candidates and organizations. She has worked on local and state campaigns, as well as national campaigns for President Jimmy Carter, U.S. Congressman Chet Atkins, on Sen. Alan Cranston’s failed presidential bid in 1984, and on Michael Dukakis’ run for president in 1988. In 1991, she helped a long-shot female candidate, Jan Laverty Jones, get elected mayor of Las Vegas. Jones went on to serve the city for eight years.

Since then, through Gail Tuzzolo & Associates, Tuzzolo has continued working for political candidates, and union forces, including the AFL/CIO.  She has since opened another company, Community Strategies Inc., and is now traveling the world.

Last Modified: 7/27/18