Pen and calculator making a budget

Budgeting is a critical component of any financial wellness effort. Sticking to a personal budget can help you eliminate unnecessary expenses and achieve monthly savings goals. Building solid spending and savings habits are essential to living a financially healthy life. Students face many decisions that can affect their ability to stick to a plan on a daily basis. Are you deciding between eating out or cooking food? Are you planning to go to a concert this weekend? Are you thinking about buying clothes? Not only a budget will help you understand how much money you have available for these expenses, but it can also help you save for future purchases.

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How Do I Start?

Some of the different ways you can create your budgeting plan are using excel spreadsheets, downloading a budget app in your phone, using iGrad’s budgeting tool, or in your notepad. Regardless of which method you use to create your budget, tracking and planning for your expenses will help you get started at organizing your financials.

Why Should I Budget?

"Even if you aren't currently facing money problems, it takes just one bad day or unexpected expense (like a car or house repair, medical bill, etc.) to find yourself scrambling to pull together funds. With budgeting, you can have a safer financial future." (Erin Schollaert, iGrad contributor). To read the complete article, visit https://middlesex.igrad.com/start/start-here-budgeting

Take igrad's Creating a Budget ( and sticking to it course) Learn some simple strategies to help you apply some smarts to your spending. Click here to start course.

Access iGrad's Course: Creating a budget (and sticking to it) course by visiting: https://middlesex.igrad.com/courses/creating-a-budget

What you'll learn:

  • Income, expenses, and other components
  • Evaluate needs vs. wants
  • Analyze spending behaviors
  • Utilize smart shopping and green living
  • Why you need a budget
  • How to create a personal budget
  • Recognize opportunities to spend less
  • Methods for reducing expenses


Last Modified: 8/4/23