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Since its inception in 1970, Middlesex Community College (MCC) has grown to become one of the largest, most comprehensive community colleges in Massachusetts.  Featuring two distinct campuses—one in suburban Bedford and the other in the center of the city of Lowell—Middlesex has a total annual enrollment of nearly 11,000 credit students and 2,500 noncredit students.  By offering high-quality, affordable, and flexible course options, student services, resources and engagement opportunities, Middlesex helps students achieve excellence, innovation, and success. Middlesex is central to evolving the educational, cultural, economic and workforce needs of the community.  

MCC offers both degree and certificate programs in Early Childhood Education:

Beyond its academic functions, Middlesex is attuned and responsive to all its varied constituencies through outreach programs and partnerships with schools, businesses, and professional and cultural organizations.  As an institution serving a diverse population of students, Middlesex strives to build and maintain an inclusive environment that fosters the success of all students.  Middlesex’s educational identity is best articulated in its mission, vision, and core values:

ExcellenceProviding outstanding programs that promote academic, personal, and professional success within an environment of integrity and civility.

Affordability and AccessibilityPromoting policies that welcome participation in higher education by offering cost-effective pathways toward academic success.

Diversity and EquityAdvocating for equality of access and opportunity, fostering appreciation of our diverse communities, and securing resources to support multicultural and global education for students, staff, and faculty.

Workforce DevelopmentResponding to our communities by offering degree and certificate programs that create pathways for multiple career options, professional development, and transfer to four-year colleges/universities.

Integrity and RespectPromoting transparency and a spirit of trust in all areas of the college through open and civil communication, knowledge sharing, and active listening.

InnovationRecognizing and supporting the development of teaching and learning strategies that encourage creativity, scholarship, and discovery.

Inclusive Learning and SupportCreating an atmosphere supportive of multiple needs and a culture of lifelong learning that foster professional and personal growth for students, staff, and faculty.

WellnessPromoting student and employee well-being and satisfaction through comprehensive, collaborative, and sustained integration of community and personal wellness practices.

FlexibilityEmbracing change that preserves our core mission, respects institutional traditions, improves outcomes, and stimulates progress, growth, and vitality.

In alignment with the college’s mission, vision, and values, the  education department’s programmatic mission is to provide students with the educational foundation and supervised experience necessary to prepare them to work with young children and families in a variety of contexts.  Our programs' emphasis is on inclusive, developmentally, and culturally appropriate practices as established and recommended by NAEYC, and is in adherence with the mandates of Head Start, the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (MA EEC), and the Massachusetts Department of Education (MA DOE). 

Courses are delivered through a variety of modalities including weekend schedules, hybrid, online, and traditional face-to-face options, and students may be eligible for financial assistance through financial aid, scholarships and/or grant funding.

MCC students have access to all campus facilities, services, and programs including technology labs, civic and service-learning opportunities, student clubs and organizations, veteran's services, disability services, counseling, fitness and recreation centers, and the Asian-American Student Advancement Program. For more information on what MCC has to offer students, please see MCC's Student Life page.

The Early Childhood Education and Transfer degree at Middlesex Community College is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Early Childhood Higher Education Programs of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, www.naeyc.org. The accreditation term runs from March, 2023 through March, 2025.

Click here to view NAEYC Reported Program Outcome Data.

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Last Modified: 5/20/24