Services for Employers

Career Services welcomes the opportunity to interact with area employers and has created multiple avenues for company representatives to partner with MCC in filling employment needs, meeting and mentoring our students, and sharing information about their career field and training needs with faculty.

Employment - MCC Job Listing Service: The Career Services Office welcomes all job opportunities including career positions,full and part-time seasonal opportunities,and internship positions.

MCC’s Corporate Connect - recruiting software makes finding the best talent for your business easy. Employers can post job and internship opportunities on the site and students can apply for these positions and answer basic interview screening questions on line as well.  Employers can access Optimal Resume to create their account and post their internship and employment opportunities for Middlesex Community College students.

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Internships - We know that a critical part of career development for students is gaining exposure to their potential career field. Employers play a vital role in assisting MCC students in gathering both information and real world experience in the workplace. Career Services serves as a clearinghouse for internships, summer and volunteer opportunities, notifying faculty and students of appropriate opportunities.

On-Campus Recruitment - As the "Employer of the Day," organizations may choose to speak directly with our students by setting up a table in strategic locations around each campus. Career Services will publicize your visit to faculty and students. Career Services also hosts periodic general job and career specific job fairs.

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Special Employee and Student Programs

Program of the Month - Career Services frequently invites employers to serve as guest speakers in this special collaborative program. Often in a panel format, faculty and students from specific disciplines gather to learn first hand from area professionals about the opportunities and challenges in their career field, and the training and professional expectations of the contemporary workplace. For a preview of upcoming events, please see CAREER/JOB EVENTS.

Student Mentoring - Career Services assists qualified students in seeking a range of special opportunities to meet and interact with professionals in their career field of interest. These include informational interviews, participation in a formal career mentor program and placement in field experiences.

We would welcome your interest and participation in any of these events and venues. If you or a member of your organization would like to serve as a guest speaker or has interest in serving in a mentor capacity, please feel free to contact us.

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? Jessica Frost, Staff Assistant at or (978)-656-3282


Last Modified: 11/15/16