Academic Warning

Academic Warning:

If you have been placed on Academic Warning you are required to complete the online Academic Warning Workshop.  This workshop will provide you with useful information about college policies and resources for students experiencing academic difficulty.  Until you complete this workshop, an academic "hold" has been placed on your record.  You will not be able to register or add/drop classes until you complete the workshop.  

Instructions for the Academic Warning Workshop

Before you start the workshop make sure you have your Student ID number available (A#). The workshop should take approximately 15-20  minutes so please allow for this amount of time. When you finish the workshop make sure that you complete the brief survey and include your name and A# at the end.  You need to submit this information in order to verify completion of the workshop. Once you have completed the workshop and submitted your information, your "academic hold" will be lifted.  You will also find links to important campus resources mentioned in the workshop at the bottom of this page.

>>  START the Online Academic Warning Workshop <<

For students who have completed the online workshop, a printable copy of the Academic Warning Workshop is available.

 Links to Campus Resources

If you have questions, please contact an advisor in the Advising, Career and Transfer Center.

Last Modified: 5/19/17