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Q     If a grade change is submitted raising the student's CGPA (cumulative GPA) to a level within a higher academic standing, does the student's academic standing change?

A      No, Academic Standing is determined by the grades the student has earned at the time of the review. There are very few instances where an academic standing is changed, please contact the Assistant Director of Academic Progress and Retention, Kirsten Morrow, if you believe you have a situation that warrants discussion.

Q     Why do some students have to participate in an intervention while others do not?

A      Students with a standing of Academic Watch are required to participate in an online intervention workshop only once but may have an AW status for more than one semester. Academic Progress has been designed as a front loaded program-intervening early with students, as a result, only Academic Notice students with under 34 credits (at the time that their AN status is assigned) are required to participate in an intervention course. Similar to watch, students may be on AN status more than once but are only required to successfully complete an intervention course once.

Q     If a student has been on Academic Watch before and has already completed the workshop, are they required to complete it again?

A      No, students may revisit the workshop at any time, but are only required to complete it once.

Q     How do I determine which intervention class a student should take?

A      In DegreeWorks, if the active holds box in the right column indicates an Academic Notice hold, determine their current ENG level and direct them to IDS 110 for non-ENG 101 students or PSY 125 for ENG 101 or ENG 109 eligible students. If you are using Banner, the hold screen (SOAHOLD) will designate which course is required in the "HOLD TYPE" box. However, if it is an old hold, stating the student should enroll in an Explorations course, they now will enroll in IDS 110: The Choices We Make instead. If their hold type states Explorations Course or IDS 110, but they are now ENG 101 or ENG 109 eligible, they should enroll in PSY 125: Psychology of Success.
***Special consideration is made for students enrolled in RWR 092-this class will be accepted in place of IDS 110 and will satisfy the academic probation intervention requirement.***

Q     If a student has completed IDS 110 as a requirement of Academic Notice and is on Academic Notice again, will they be required to also complete PSY 125?

A     No.  At this time, a student is only required to complete one of the intervention courses.

Q     If a student is placed on Academic Notice and has a hold to enroll in IDS 110 but is now eligible for ENG 101 or ENG 109 (and therefore PSY 125); which class should the student take?

A      Students should take the class indicated by their current ENG level. PSY 125 will satisfy the IDS 110 hold requirement. However, IDS 110 will not satisfy the PSY 125 hold requirement.

Q     If a student has an Academic Notice hold from a previous semester but has since improved their CGPA to a level above notice, can the hold be removed?

A      No, once a student has an academic notice hold placed on their account, the student must complete the intervention course required for their current ENG level regardless of current standing and current CGPA.

Q     If a student withdraws from their required intervention course, will they also be withdrawn from their non- intervention courses?

A      Students on academic notice are encouraged to meet with an advisor or the Assistant Director of Academic Progress and Retention prior to making any changes to their registration. However, if the best scenario for student success is to withdraw from a course (including the required intervention course), the remaining course registrations will not be impacted. Students will continue to have an academic notice hold on their account until the intervention course is satisfactorily completed. Students and advisors should evaluate the impact of withdrawing from courses with relation to the impact on CGPA and the progression of the Academic Progress Process.

Q     Are the intervention courses available as evening or online courses?

A      Currently, we offer online options for PSY 125 and IDS 110.

Q     There are no open seats in the intervention class required for a student, can they take it next semester and enroll in other classes now?

A      No, the student may not enroll in other classes without also enrolling in their required intervention course. Please contact the Assistant Director of Academic Progress and Retention to see if additional class sections can be added. 

Q     A student with an Academic Notice hold only enrolls in 3 credits a semester, do they have to enroll in IDS 110 or PSY 125?

A      Yes, regardless of how many or how few credits a student enrolls in, if they have an academic progress hold, the student must enroll in the appropriate intervention class for their ENG level.

Q     There are open seats in the intervention course required for a student but they do not work in the student's schedule, can the student enroll in other classes and take the intervention course next semester?

A      Students who do not attend their intervention course may be dropped for non-attendance by the professor. Students who do so will be required to enroll in the intervention course the following semester. Students who are dropped from their required intervention course for non-attendance more than once will be required to meet with the Assistant Director of Academic Progress and Retention or the Provost prior to registration and may have restrictions placed on their schedule.

Q     Prior to Fall 2014, students who were not yet ENG 101 eligible were able to enroll in an explorations course as their intervention, is this course still applicable as an intervention?

A      No, Beginning with the Spring 2015 semester, the Explorations courses will no longer be accepted as an appropriate intervention. Students who are not eligible for ENG 101 are required to enroll in IDS 110, students enrolled in ENG 092 will be allowed to use this course as an intervention and students who are ENG 101 eligible must enroll in PSY 125 to satisfy their holds.

Q     Will any other classes (other than IDS 110 or PSY 125) satisfy the academic progress hold?

A      The 6-credit Reading, Writing and Reasoning course (ENG 092) will be accepted in place of IDS 110. No other class will be accepted in place of PSY 125.

Last Modified: 3/26/24