Academic Watch - Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Academic Watch”?

Previously Academic Warning
Having an academic standing of Academic Watch means that the college is a little concerned about your academic progress. Likely, you are either new to the college with a GPA below a 2.0 or have been here a little while and your GPA is just a little bit below a 2.0. Either way, the benchmark is a 2.0 and the college is concerned about your academic progress and we want to help you make improvements.

How is my academic standing determined?

Your academic standing is determined by your Grade Point Average (GPA). Your GPA is calculated using the number of credit hours you have accrued (all classes) and the grade you earned for each class. See the academic standings chart below.

Credit hours are accrued for all classes where you earned a grade (A-F). Most classes are 3 credits, some are 1 credit and others such as science labs and some math classes are 4 or more credit hours. Classes noted with an “I” for incomplete or “W” for withdrawn do not count towards your accrued credit hours.

Credits Hours

Toward GPA*

Good Standing

Cumulative GPA(CGPA)

Academic Watch


Academic Notice

Cumulative GPA

Fewer than 17 credits


Below 2.0


17-34 credits


1.8 or greater and below 2.0

Below 1.80

More than 34 credits



Below 2.0

*Credits Hours toward GPA include all letter grades (“A” through “F”)


Why is a 2.0 important?

A 2.0 (which is a C average) is the benchmark for Good Standing at the college. A 2.0 is also required for graduation, financial aid eligibility and for classes to transfer in and out of the college.


What does “Satisfactory Academic Progress” mean?

All students are expected to make progress toward a degree to continue at MCC. Your academic standing and “satisfactory academic progress” is determined by the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) required to meet academic standards based on your credit count of courses completed at MCC.


What happens now that I am on Academic Watch?

It is very important for you to take steps to be more successful in your coursework. A “hold” has been placed on your records preventing you from registering for classes or making any changes in your schedule until you complete an online Academic Watch Workshop designed to support your academic success.


Why do I need to participate in the online Academic Watch Workshop?

The College has designed specific interventions to help you become a student in good academic standing. The online Academic Watch Workshop will help you learn more about college policies impacting students on Academic Watch. It will help you identify factors interfering with your academic progress, review strategies to make satisfactory academic progress and present you with information about resources available for students experiencing academic difficulty. Please Note: The Academic Watch Workshop is currently being updated. You will see the old Academic Standing of Academic Warning and Academic Probation mentioned. 

The workshop is available on the Middlesex Community College Website at:


How much does it cost to participate in this workshop?

The workshop is FREE! The college wants you to do well and this workshop has been specifically designed to support your academic success.


How do I remove the hold on my account?

At the end of the online Academic Watch Workshop, there is a short survey. You will need to complete and submit the survey n order to have your hold removed. Please be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for your hold to be removed.


What happens if I don’t improve my grades?

While some students are able to return to Good Standing in one semester, others may require more time. Your academic standing will always be determined by the chart shown above. Students who are not able to raise their GPA (or not able to raise it enough) will remain on Academic Watch or be placed on Academic Notice at the end of their next semester (as outlined in the chart above). Once a student is placed on Academic Notice they have two more semesters to raise their GPA or they will be suspended from the college for a period of one semester.


What resources are available for students experiencing academic difficulty?

Once you complete the Academic Watch Workshop, do not hesitate to contact your academic advisor. Your advisor can help you strategize and recommend other campus services to assist you. Other places where you can receive extra support or advice:

  • Academic Support Services - Students can receive tutoring in a variety of subjects and get study skills assistance. (781) 280-3591 or (978) 656-3358
  • Academic, Career and Transfer Center - Academic advising, help with career decision-making, and information regarding transferring is available in this office.1 (800) 818-3434
  • Personal Counseling – Students can receive support to work on a variety of concerns such as test anxiety, motivation issues, personal problems and stress management. (781) 280-3630 or (978) 656-3258
  • Student Access and Support Services – Students who are eligible to receive accommodations for physical, learning, psychological disabilities, and ADD/ADHD can receive information and support from staff in Student access and Support Services. (781) 280-3630 or (978) 656-3258
  • Financial Aid – Financial Aid Counselors are available to answer questions regarding your financial aid eligibility. (781) 280-3650 or (978) 656-3242
  • For additional information about Academic Progress policies and procedures, email Kirsten Morrow at


If I’m on Academic Watch will this affect my Financial Aid?

It is possible. Financial Aid Probation is a separate process from Academic Standing. In order to maintain eligibility for Financial Aid, several factors are taken into account including your GPA, your course completion percentage rate and timeframe requirements for completing your program. It is very important for you to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your eligibility and financial aid status (781) 280-3650 or (978) 656-3242.

Last Modified: 5/13/24