Course Repeats

If a course is repeated, the highest grade earned in the course will become the official grade for the course, and the grade included in the cumulative grade point average. However, all course attempts* will continue to be listed on the student’s transcript.

When a student repeats a course the following rules apply:

  •  A student will be permitted a maximum of three attempts* for any one course;
  •  A student may attempt a course two times without intervention;
  •  A student may attempt a course a third time, once he/she has met with the appropriate dean for consultation/advising and has received written permission to enroll.
  •  A student has the right to appeal the the Course Repeat Policy and request an additional attempt*.

course repeat third attempt      course repeat fourth attempt

Students are strongly encouraged to discuss with their academic advisor/counselor and financial aid officer the effect withdrawing or repeating a course may have on their academic programs and financial-aid eligibility.


*Attempts include currently enrolled courses, courses with a final grade awarded, transferred coursework, withdrawals, incompletes, an in-progress grade that has converted to an “F,” and courses repeated in an effort to earn higher grades. If a student drops the class during the add/drop period, this is not counted as an attempt.

Last Modified: 3/26/24