Course Repeat - Third Attempt

Students at MCC may attempt* a course no more than 3 times and must meet with an academic advisor prior to the third attempt. A repeat request form must be completed for each class being repeated for the third time and the meeting with an advisor must occur by 4:00 PM on the Thursday before the semester begins in order to register for the repeated course(s) for that semester. Meetings that occur after this deadline will not be considered for enrollment in that semester. A separate form must be completed for each course being requested to repeat.

Summer 2024 Dates:
  • Quick Start: (5/28-6/14) Wednesday, May 22
  • Session 1: (5/28-6/27) Wednesday, May 22
  • Session 2: (5/28-7/29) Wednesday, May 22
  • Session 3: (7/8-8/8) Wednesday, July 3

If you desire to repeat a course the following rules apply:
You will be permitted a maximum of three attempts for any one course;

  • You may attempt a course two times without intervention;
  • On the third attempt, you will need to meet with an academic advisor and have received written permission.
  • A separate Course Repeat form must be completed for each course being appealed.

Other information:

When a course is repeated, credit is granted only once. All attempts to take a course will be recorded on a student’s transcript, however, only the highest grade for a repeated course is used in computing a student’s grade point average.

Attempts include currently enrolled courses, courses with final grade awarded, transferred coursework, withdrawals, incompletes, an in-progress grade that has converted to an “F,” and courses repeated in an effort to earn higher grades. If a student drops the class during the add/drop period, this is not counted as an attempt.

Students are strongly encouraged to discuss with the effect withdrawing or repeating a course with their academic advisor and a financial aide officer because withdrawing or repeating a course may have an effect on their academic programs and financial-aid eligibility.

Checklist for students Requesting to Repeat a Course for the 3rd Time: 

If you are attempting to enroll in a course for a third time, you must MEETwith an academic advisor before you will be able to enroll. 

  1. The meeting with the academic advisor must occur BEFORE 4:00 p.m. on the Thursday before the semester or class begins.
  2. Given the number of students requesting meetings, it is recommended you schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
  3. You will need to schedule the appointment by stopping by the Student Information Center on either campus, calling (800) 818-3434, or online at
  4. You will need to bring a completed Course Repeat form with you to the meeting for each course you wish to repeat. 
Last Modified: 5/1/24