Racial Healing Circle Facilitators

MCC has a diverse group of Racial Healing Circle facilitators (also called racial healing practitioners) who have been trained to initiate and guide circle participants in sharing their stories, speaking their  truths, reflection and honest dialogue.

Racial Healing Facilitators

MCC Team
Paulo Barrio, Faculty Human Services
Jennifer Bauer, Faculty Communications
Syeda Ferdous Begum, Faculty IT
Jennifer Burns, Adjunct Psychology
Kayla Caron, Registrar
Gordon Curry, Adjunct Faculty Communications and Humanities
Heloisa DaCunha, Faculty Criminal Justice
Shaniel Dejesus, Success Scholars Coach
Jake Donovan, HR Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Jonah Ford, Adjunct Faculty Philosophy
Jessica Frost, Director Veterans Center
Kimberly Gonzalez, Associate Professor of Biology
Ryan Johnson, Senior Director Institutional Research
Jill Keller, Faculty English
Louis LaBella, Adjunct Faculty
Farrorza Lim, Student Success Program Specialist 
Noreen McGiness Olson, Assistant Dean, Student Success
Pamela Medina, Assistant Director Human Resources/AAO
Beth J. Noël, Director, Communications & Creative Services
Matthew Olson, Dean, Liberal Arts
Winnie Oyamo Twombly, Director Career Integrated Learning
Arlene Rodríguez, Provost/VP Academic and Student Affairs
Jordana Shaw, Director Libraries
Daniel Sherman, Director Grants
Phil Sisson, President
Linda Thiem, Senior Success Coach
Karen Townsend, Dean, Health
Marie Tupaj, Dean, STEM
Virak Uy, Director Asian American Student Advancement Program

Community Partners Team
Shantelle Castle, Innovation Academy Charter School
Yvette Cheeks, Lowell Public Schools & MCC
Fatima DeSousa, Lowell Public Schools & MCC
Ineabelle Dominguez, Lowell City Hall
Gordon Donkoh-Halm, ACCL
Susanne Duato, Girls, Inc. Bd.
James Geraghty, Girls, Inc Bd/RFK Alliance Bd
Cecilia Gutierrez Yapur, CBA
Amanda Kuffoh, UTEC
Kira Morehouse, EBTC
Marisol Nobrega, LPD
Keilah Paquette, Lowell Public Schools & MCC
Latifah Phillips, Lowell Public Schools
Marianela Rivera, Community member
Rosa Segarra-Morales, Lowell Public Schools
Sonia Ruas, Girls, Inc Bd
Sophea Sou-Krauss, UTEC
Sophy Theam, EBTC
Leslie King, Leslie King Consulting

To inquire about participating in a racial healing circle or to arrange one, contact the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or call 1-978-322-8490.
Last Modified: 1/9/24