MCC's Center for Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation

MCC's Centre for Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation

Photo of a group of people sitting in a circle talkingOne of only 71 colleges in the Nation to host a campus-based center, MCC's Center for Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) will serve as a hub and resource for us to engage in the ongoing practice of racial healing and to build deeper collective capacity toward racial equity and justice.

Together through relationship building, truth-telling and healing, we have the foundations for racial equity and transformative change in our communities.  

Middlesex has integrated racial equity work into its strategic plan and sees the Center for Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation as an opportunity to engage in college-wide honest dialogues on race and to serve as a resource and partner within the College’s communities.

MCC’s Center is a space to:

  • Promote ongoing racial healing activities
  • Create a positive narrative about race throughout all aspects of MCC and community
  • Prepare the next generation of leaders to build just and equitable communities
  • Pinpoint key leverage points for change
  • Envision what the community will look, feel and be like when the belief in a racial hierarchy has been eliminated
  • Expand, strengthen and deepen community partnerships within our community to advance racial justice and build equitable communities
To learn about the TRHT Framework through national campus center videos, you will see MCC's video on the TRHT pillar of "Separation."
Last Modified: 1/9/24