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Medical Assisting

Program Description:

The primary goal of the Medical Assisting program is to prepare competent entry-level Medical Assistants in the knowledge (cognitive), skills (psychomotor), and professional behavior (affective) learning domains. Students with different learning styles will obtain knowledge (cognitive domain) by using lecture, visual aids, assessments and externships to ensure mastery of core content. Students will learn professional behavior (affective domain), through the use of scenarios to demonstrate communication and critical thinking skills which will prepare them for situations they will experience in the workplace. Additionally, students will learn and practice “hands on” (psychomotor domain) skills in the laboratory setting before attending externship to verify competency as an “entry level medical assistant.”

Claudia Guillen,RMA, RN, BSN
Medical Assisting Program Coordinator

Office: LT Lowell-Talbot Bldg Rm 304
Phone: (978) 656-3024

The Medical Assisting Program annual report shows that for the past five years an average of 89% of our graduates are employed as Medical Assistants.

2017 Annual Report

MAERB Job Placement Survey Results

Calendar Year Admitted Total Number of Graduates Number of Positive Placements Number of Grads Employed as MA or in Related Field Placement Rate
2016 18 16 14 88.89%
2015 15 14 14 93.33%
2014 18 15 13 83.33%
2013 17 14 12 82.35%
2012 12 12 12 100%
Total 80 71 65 88.75%
      Threshhold 60%
Last Modified: 8/14/18