Spring 2015 Final Exam Schedule

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Dear Students:

Winter 2015 snowstorms have already proven to be record-setting. This is having a profound effect on New England and specifically on Middlesex Community College in both Bedford and Lowell. So far, this semester, classes on both campuses have been cancelled a total of 9 times. Students and faculty alike are feeling the loss of these regularly scheduled face-to-face classes.

As a result of these truly unprecedented circumstances, and to provide opportunities for faculty and students to capture lost class time, the college has instituted the following changes to the Spring 2015 calendar (which is attached and available on the college’s web site):

• Replacing the finals schedule with a regular class schedule for May 11 through May 16. Faculty can give final examinations or offer “take home” assessments and use this time for in class or laboratory work, as they see fit.

• Postponing the Spring 2015 All College Professional Day scheduled for Wednesday, April 15 to Monday, May 18. April 15 is a Wednesday, but the college will use a Monday schedule on that date to make up missed Monday class times.

• The college will open and offer classrooms and class laboratories to ensure that faculty have the opportunity to schedule class meetings, as needed, to ensure adequate instructional time.

In addition to these changes, individual faculty members will be assessing their syllabi and course requirements and will make individual course adjustments that could include some of the following options:

• Work with their students to schedule additional class meetings.

• Enhance use of Blackboard (Bb) to maximize instruction.

• Schedule extended time for Saturday and evening classes.

• Arrange for students to participate in and complete assignments about co-curricular activities both on and off campus that further enhance course outcomes.

In the event that additional class times are added, we ask that students clearly communicate with their individual faculty members if there are scheduling conflicts, such as work commitments or religious observances that might prevent you from attending, so that you are not disadvantages by any unexcused absence.

In the event you are feeling overwhelmed or overscheduled and under prepared, The Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) and Student Support Services are available to assist students outside the classroom.

Thank you in advance for your understanding during this semester of unprecedented weather interruptions.

Philip J. Sisson
Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Middlesex Community College

Last Modified: 2/20/15