Fall 2017 Final Exam Schedules

Please see final exam schedule below for Evening/Saturday, Online Classes and Day Classes.


Students should always check with their instructors to confirm the date, time and room of their final exams.

Please note that Final exam times Health Programs and IDS courses may vary from the regular published scheduled.

Evening/Saturday Classes

Finals are the last day of class at regularly scheduled start time, same room

Monday evening classes, Dec. 18th

Tuesday evening classes, Dec. 12th

Tuesday/Thursday evening classes, Dec. 14th

Monday/Wednesday evening classes, Dec. 18th

Wednesday evening classes, Dec. 20th

Thursday evening classes, Dec. 21st

Saturday classes, Dec. 16th


Online Classes

All online courses have a specified final date. Please click on the link below for information about individual online final dates.

Fall 2017 Online Classes Exam Schedule


Day Classes

Day classes (3 credits or more) that meet one day per week

Monday, see Day Classes - final exam grid for date and time

Tuesday, December 12th, final at regularly schedule class start time, same room

Wednesday, December 13th, final at regularly scheduled class start time, same room

Thursday, see Day Classes - final exam grid for date and time

Friday, see Day Classes - final exam grid for date and time


Late Start Day Classes

MWF classes, see Day Classes - final exam grid for date and time.

Day Classes- Final Exam Grid:

This grid represents times for finals for day classes that meet on the following schedules: MW, TR, MWF - full semester, MWF - late start, Monday only, Thursday only and Friday only, as well as hybrid, IDS and Health program classes.

  • While the grid lists all Health and IDS classes, these finals may be re-evaluated at the beginning of the semester.
  • For Sciences classes with a Lab, please use your lecture class time when looking for your final exam date.
  • For Hybrid classes, please use your on-campus time when looking for your final exam date.
  • Detailed information on individual day class finals and room assignments will be posted in November.

Please click on the link below for the Final Exam Grid. 

Fall 2017 Final Exam Grid

For information about individual day classes final exam dates, please click the detailed final exam schedule link below.

Fall 2017 detailed Final Exam Schedule

Last Modified: 11/13/17