About Us

About the MCC English Department

The English Department is composed of three programs: The MCC Writing Program, The Creative Writing Concentration, and the Literature Concentration.

Dedicated Faculty 

MCC English faculty bring their expertise from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds.  They are experts in writing, critical thinking, creative writing and literature instruction, and are committed to helping students succeed.  Faculty continually engage in professional development to meet current challenges and provide the best education possible for MCC students. 

Building Strong Foundations

Critical thinking

Global Perspectives 




Civic Responsibility


MCC English faculty utilize the latest technology to meet student needs and prepare them for varying professional landscapes.

Professional Development focused on data-driven methods for improving student success 

Co-curricular model that helps students graduate faster, with the foundations they need to succeed in other courses and in professional settings.

English Language Learner programs that help students build language skills to promote success in higher education and beyond.

Small Class Sizes with engaging and dynamic discussions that promote critical thinking about our world today

Equity-Minded course materials and pedagogy 

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