Copyright Overview: Use of Intellectual Property

Much of the existing works, information, or materials used at the College, whether written or electronic are copyright protected. Copyright protection vests automatically in original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression which are not in the Public Domain. Copyrighted materials can include literary, musical and dramatic works as well as computer software teaching materials, multimedia works, proposals and research reports, books, articles, study guides, syllabi, workbooks, manuals, bibliographies, instructional packages, tests, video or audio records, films, slides, transparencies, charts, graphic materials, photographic or similar visual materials, film strips, multi-media materials, three dimensional materials, exhibits, software, and databases.

Works in the Public Domain include those created by the federal or a state government and copyrighted works where the copyright has expired. Public accessibility to the works such as via the Internet does not mean that the works are in the Public Domain. To the contrary, much of the materials on the Internet are copyright protected. Since copyright laws protect many materials, and it is difficult to determine whether a work is in the Public Domain, Covered Individuals should assume that the materials they seek to use, for example, in connection with course preparation, course presentation or course materials, are copyrighted works.

Please note that if anyone who is not the copyright owner reproduces, distributes, performs, displays, and/or makes derivative works from copyrighted materials it is an infringement of the copyright owner’s rights and the person infringing may be liable for damages to the copyright owner as well as criminal penalties. Accordingly, any time a Covered Individual uses a copyrighted work, either in whole or in part, proper authorization must be obtained from the copyright owner (which can include written consent as well as the payment of a fee) unless one of the exceptions listed below applies. Additionally, Covered Individuals should clearly and prominently acknowledge the copyright owner on, or next to, the copyrighted work along with the following notice:

Last Modified: 3/26/24