Career Exploration Web Sites

There is a wealth of national and state career and job related web sites that can assist in exploring your academic/career options and opportunities. Using the following web sites you can investigate specific occupations in some depth-learning about the exact nature of the work,the skills and education needed,typical salaries and job outlook.

The following websites can help you research careers and occupations, find out how your major can translate into a career, and gather information on furthering your education. For a more personal view of an occupation visit Vocational Biographies to read about REAL people,who tell REAL stories about REAL jobs in which they work.

This list is intended as a beginning point only, since some websites are linked to other sites.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives.

Occupational Information Network Resource Center

The Occupational Information Network - O*NETTM on-line is a web application for job seekers, employment professionals, and others interested in exploring occupations through O*NET.

America's Career InfoNet

America's Career InfoNet is a resource for making informed career decisions to support a demand-driven workforce investment system.

Massachusetts Career Information System

Site developed by the Massachusetts Division of Career Services (DCS) that is free for all Massachusetts residents. Includes self-assessment exercises and worksheets, in addition to, occupational information.To log on use "mcc" for your user name and password.


Start exploring career options and be in demand by knowing about high growth jobs with better wages and a brighter future.

Library Services

Middlesex Community College. Look under Electronic Resources for Vocational Biographies and the Vault Career Information Database.

Get That Gig

Get that gig advertises "Why something cool?!?!" Look at job listings associated with adventurous careers.

Careers After College & Job Offers:  How to Navigate and Nail your First Job Offer after Graduation 

This guide breaks down questions to ask while evaluating a job offer, terms to know before accepting a job, an extremely informative Q&A with our expert Dana Manciagli, a checklist for both accepting and declining job offers, and additional resources that can help recent graduates with their journey toward building their careers. 

Last Modified: 8/8/18