Minuteman Senior Services

Middlesex Community College’s Corporate Education and Training program partners with local businesses and organizations to help companies identify their workforce training needs. These partnerships use a collaborative process to develop programs that offer the most relevant and effective professional development opportunities for companies. 

To begin their partnership with Minuteman Senior Services, MCC’s Corporate Ed. held an information session with Harriet Goldstein, the Director of Human Resources. Goldstein and Minuteman decided to move forward with Middlesex’s programming because of convenient location and their willingness to tailor the program to Minuteman’s needs.

“I have only good things to say,” Goldstein said. “The customer service and responsiveness have been outstanding and the trainers have been exceptional. Employees feel supported and feel they are better able to do their jobs.”

Goldstein particularly appreciated the Effective Communication and Managing Change trainings Middlesex ran for Minuteman. Employees found the information provided to be both useful and relevant to their needs. Calling the program “exceptional,” Goldstein said feedback from employees has been positive, resulting in forward-moving change.

In the future, Goldstein is interested in continuing Minuteman’s partnership with MCC’s Corporate Ed.

“This is an opportunity to ‘cross pollinate’ and bring disparate employees together,” she said. “I think training of future leaders is our next challenge.”

As a leader of professional development and workforce training for over 30 years, MCC’s Corporate Education and Training program provides employees with the knowledge and skills they need to start or advance in their careers.

Last Modified: 8/4/23