Adult Basic Education

Basic Math for the Workplace  

Employees will learn how to work with whole numbers through applying four mathematical operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) manually and by using the calculator.

Math Strategies for the Workplace

Employees will learn how to use arithmetic to solve problems that involve whole numbers, fractions, percents and decimals both manually and by using a calculator. They will learn to read charts and graphs.

Basic Reading for the Workplace

Employees will learn phonetic and reading comprehension skills and apply these to workplace materials.

Reading Strategies for the Workplace

Employees will learn how to read and comprehend paragraphs, including identifying main ideas and supporting details, and how to understand the content through inferences. Skills will be applied to reading workplace materials, such as instructions, documentation, and benefit handbooks.

Writing in the Workplace

Employees will learn how to write a complex sentence and to use basic grammar rules. They will also learn how to prepare simple reports and how to communicate information about workplace situations.

HiSET Preparation

Employees will obtain the knowledge necessary for passing the HiSET tests. Specific skills will relate to numerical math, higher level math, including algebra, and reading and writing with special emphasis on social studies, science and literature.

Last Modified: 3/20/18