Juniper Networks

Middlesex Community College’s Corporate Education & Training partners with local businesses and organizations to provide professional development to employees. During the pandemic, MCC transitioned courses to remote, virtual and limited contact systems. As more people work from home or are furloughed, this is the perfect time to take classes, gain knowledge and skills, and work towards career advancement.

Juniper Networks is a networking and cybersecurity solutions company. They partnered with Middlesex to train employees in the Essentials of Communications and Interpersonal Skills courses. Marci Barnes, Site Coordinator for Juniper Networks, appreciated how MCC’s instructor was able to interact with the employees, and employees could interact with each other over Zoom. Having a video component aided in employees’ comfort levels and created a cohesive environment of learning.

“We had a few meetings as a team to develop a plan to move forward that is mutually beneficial for Juniper, MCC and the training provider, and worked through any kinks along the way together,” Barnes said. “They have been very flexible and easy to work with to make this experience the best it can be for our employees.

“Middlesex’s flexibility to adjust and move the classes to a virtual platform was imperative to the success and completion of the grant. I am impressed that MCC was able to shift so quickly to make these content areas and classes available to our teams.”

Middlesex Community College’s Corporate & Community Education & Training has been a leader of providing professional development and career training opportunities for employees, businesses and organizations throughout Massachusetts for over 30 years. With a variety of online and in-person certificate and course options, Middlesex sets up training participants for success with the knowledge and skills they need to start or advance in their careers. Middlesex Community College: Student success starts here!

Last Modified: 8/4/23