Accumet Engineering, Inc.

Middlesex Community College’s Corporate Education and Training program partners with local businesses and organizations to help companies identify their workforce training needs. These partnerships use a collaborative process to develop programs that offer the most relevant and effective professional development opportunities for companies.

MCC’s Corporate Ed. collaborated with Jeffrey Davis, MCC adjunct faculty member; Joanna Dowling from the Center for Manufacturing Technology (CMT); and Natasha Simmers, Human Resources Manager for Accumet Engineering, to build a 50-hour training program focused on leadership for Accumet employees. The group engaged in continuous conversations throughout the duration of the trainings to ensure Accumet and their employees were learning the information they needed to be more effective leaders.

Simmers appreciates MCC’s ability to tailor the program to meet Accumet’s needs, as well as the leadership Davis has shown throughout the trainings. She also believes the program has improved employees’ communication and self-awareness skills.

“The employees keep raving about the instructor Jeff and the class content, and say that their co-workers absolutely must take the class,” Simmers said. “Jeff was great about establishing communication with me to create content catered specifically to employees in each cohort.”

Solinka Potter, a Sales Representative at Accumet, emphasizes how much confidence she gained from participating. When she was offered a place in the training, her first instinct was to say “why not?” After getting to the first session, she realized how much she going to benefit from it.

“It will help me through my whole life,” she said. “Before, I would keep my questions to myself and was quieter, hiding behind my computer. I’d be embarrassed thinking, ‘am I going to say something stupid?’ Now I feel that I have the confidence to speak up and help and encourage others too.”

As a leader of professional development and workforce training for over 30 years, MCC’s Corporate Education and Training program provides employees with the knowledge and skills they need to start or advance in their careers.

Last Modified: 8/4/23