Academic Suspension - Appeal Process

How do I appeal this decision?

You must write a letter of appeal to be considered for return to the college for the following semester.  Please see Suspension FAQ you recieved in the mail for information on this process. 

What information should I include in my letter of appeal?                                          

  • Student Name
  • Student ID (A#)
  • Current mailing address and phone numbers
  • An explanation of extenuating circumstances that affected your academic performance
  • A summary of the steps and progress you have made in the past two semesters to raise your CGPA to a level above probation as indicated in the chart above
  • An explanation of how you intend to achieve a CGPA above probation status in the following semester.

ALL STUDENTS FILING A SUSPENSION APPEAL MUST MEET WITH THE SUSPENSION APPEAL COMMITTEE.  Please be aware that all written communication from the college regarding your appeal will be sent to your MCC email address

  • Academic Suspension Appeals must be received by Monday, January 15th via email to Kirsten Morrow at 
  • Meetings with the appeal committee will be held on January 17th, 18th, and 19th.

I pre-registered for the Summer/Winter session, what happens to my class schedule?

If your class begins before the deadline to appeal, you will not be removed from your class, continue to attend and do your best, if you choose to appeal your suspension, your grade in this class may help determine the outcome of your appeal.  If your class begins after the appeal deadline and you do not appeal, you will be dropped from the class.

I pre-registered for the next semester, what happens to my class schedule?

Students who appeal their suspension will remain in their pre-registered classes pending an appeal decision.  Approved appeals may result in adjusted schedules.  Students who do not appeal their suspension will be dropped from classes.  Students whose appeal is denied will be dropped from classes, as well. 

How does Academic Suspension affect my Financial Aid?

Financial Aid Probation is a separate process from Academic Standing.  It is very important for you to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your eligibility and financial aid status (781)280-3650 or (978)656-3242.


Last Modified: 5/13/24