Academic Notice FAQs (More than 34 credits)

What is “Satisfactory Academic Progress?”

All students are expected to make progress toward a degree to continue at MCC. Your academic standing and “satisfactory academic progress” is determined by the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) required to meet academic standards based on your credit count of courses successfully completed at MCC.


Why am I on Academic Notice?

You were placed on Academic Notice according to the policy described below:


Credits Hours

Toward GPA*

Good Standing

Cumulative GPA


Academic Watch Cumulative GPA

Academic Notice

Cumulative GPA

Fewer than 17 credits


Below 2.0


17-34 credits


1.8 or greater and below 2.0

Below 1.80

More than 34   credits



Below 2.0

*Credits Hours toward GPA include all letter grades (“A” through “F”)


What happens now that I am on Academic Notice?

It is very important for you to take steps to be more successful in your coursework. Once you are on Academic Notice, you have your next two enrolled semesters to raise your cGPA above 2.0. If you fail to make that academic progress, you will be suspended from Middlesex for one semester. If this is your second semester in a row being on Academic Notice, you will need to raise your CGPA to a 2.0 or better at the end of your next semester to avoid being temporarily suspended.


What should I do now that I am on Academic Notice?

First and foremost, meet with an academic advisor. They will help you develop a plan for academic success. Additionally, you may have already successfully completed an intervention course, but if not, you may consider enrolling in PSY 125-The Psychology of Success or IDS 110: The Choices We Make for the next semester, each of these classes have been specifically designed to assist students who have experienced academic difficulty.


Does being on Academic Notice impact my course selection?

Maybe. If you have already selected your courses for this coming semester, you should meet with an advisor to discuss possible changes to your schedule. Retaking classes you have previously been unsuccessful in is a very good strategy to help raise your GPA. Only the highest grade is used to calculate your GPA. Make an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss your options and plan for your academic success.

If you have not selected your courses for the coming semester yet, meet with your advisor or call 1-800-818-3434 to schedule an appointment to attend an advising and registration session. Academic Advising offers drop-in times; please visit their website for more information:

Last Modified: 3/26/24