Goals and Philosophy

Paul Sullivan Goal

The Paul H. Sullivan Leadership Institute will strive to prepare participants for a smooth and successful transition into tomorrow's workforce.  Upon completion of the Institute, students will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, make decisions, work well with their peers, and make a positive difference in the workplace and community by ethically applying the principles of leadership.


Character is the platform for the Paul H. Sullivan Leadership Institute.  Institute participants will apply sound leadership principles, display appropriate leadership traits, demonstrate strong leadership skills and commit to the responsibility of community service.

The Leadership Institute program components will be facilitated by government, business, and non-profit organization leaders.  Programming will include on-campus workshops, off-site summits and special events.

Learning Outcomes:

The Paul H. Sullivan Institute Fellows, through their dedicated participation and commitment to striving for excellence, will...

  • Gain a level of self-confidence and personal skills that enable them to successfully interact with members of business, community and government.
  • Learn sound leadership principles, display appropriate leadership traits, and commit to the responsibly of community service.
  • Understand the techniques of networking and recognize that this skill is a critical facet of reaching outside their "comfort zone" to attain the experience and knowledge necessary to be a leader.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the value of volunteerism and civic engagement to self and community.
  • Participated in a significant community event where they have gained an appreciation for the commitment and complexity of such an endeavor.
Last Modified: 3/20/18