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Paul Sullivan 2014-2015

The Paul H. Sullivan Leadership Institute honors the late Paul H. Sullivan, long-time MCC professor, WBZ talk show host, and Lowell Sun political editor. Paul often wondered who would fill the shoes of the tireless volunteers and leaders who enrich the region. He envisioned a program that would not only identify leaders of tomorrow, but would teach them what it means to lead. Paul died in 2007 before his vision could be realized. However, the tangible accomplishments of the Leadership Institute ensure that his legacy endures.

The Paul Sullivan Leadership Institute is a unique program, just as Paul was a unique person. It was launched in 2008 by the MCC Foundation. Every year the Institute selects a dozen “Fellows” for a ten-month program to prepare them to become leaders in the workforce and in the community.

The Leadership Institute is also unique in its approach to selecting its Fellows. Paul insisted that it be comprised not only of honors students but rather be an eclectic mix that would include student who might have an average GPA, but in whom a teacher, advisor or staff member sees leadership potential.

Directed by Sullivan’s widow, Mary-Jo Griffin, the program uses workshops, off-site programs and community events to teach the students everything from public speaking and business etiquette to team building, leadership skills, media relations, and the importance of community service.

The Institute requires a commitment from the Fellows to attend a three-hour workshop each month; participation in two large community events and attendance at as many other community events as possible; and participation in a mentorship, where each Fellow is paired with a business or community leader in a field of interest.

The Institute strives to go beyond the “volunteer for a day” mode and emphasizes the critical experience of time, dedication and responsibility required to translate ambitious ideas into reality.

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