Alumni Testimonials

I have had so many remarkable experiences at Middlesex. Being here helped me come out of my comfort zone and grow as a person -- and meet tons of great people in the process.
Dayra Perez
MCC Business Administration Transfer Graduate ('07)

Just about everything I learned at Middlesex, I've used in some way in my job. It almost directly transferred over from school to work.
Nuri Shakir
MCC Graduate, Biotechnology Technician Program
Certified Microbiologist, Microbiology Research Assoc.

The first time I tried Middlesex, I was not ready. I am so glad I gave myself a second chance. A truly awesome advisor helped me zero in and focus my strengths and skills. She encouraged me all the way.
Erica Fonseca, MCC Graphic Design Program Graduate,
UMASS Lowell Graduate

Middlesex has shown me the importance of diversity, and to respect and understand the perspectives of others. These qualities will stay with me throughout my life and play a role in everything I do.
Patrick Kenney
MCC Business Administration Transfer Graduate

My time at Middlesex was incredible. Being part of student government really helped me develop my communication and leadership skills.
Leticia Mejia
MCC Business Administration Transfer Program
Graduate ('07)

My teachers were wonderful inspirations. They taught me to make the most of my abilities. I really learned a lot from all my professors. I have an excellent, rewarding job as a dental assistant and was able to start work immediately after graduation from Middlesex.
Brett Colon
MCC Dental Assisting Graduate (06)
Dental Assistant, Lowell Oral Surgery

I would not be as confident, proud, smart, successful or as happy as I am today without my Middlesex education.
Laura Massei
MCC Graphic Design Program Graduate
Regional Marketing Coordinator
Great Source Education Group

I emigrated from Cambodia with my family in 1981 and worked hard to be the first in my family to attend college. Although I originally chose Middlesex for its proximity and affordability, I soon realized it was perfect for me.
Vandara Chum
MCC Business Administration Program Graduate

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