Year 2 Curriculum Redesign Guides

Below are links to digital copies of the design guides created by the Year 2 Curriculum Redesign teams.

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Year 2 Curriculum Design Teams

Year Two Design Teams

Algebra II
Elizabeth Fraser, Team Leader  
Michael Williamson,Theodora Ottariano,Linda Dart Kathios,Marie Caruso

Introduction to Sociology
Lucy Ogburn, Binnur Ercem

Introduction to Human Services
Julia Mirras, Team Leader
Patricia Lauziere

English Composition
Ellen Nichols, Team Leader
Denise Marchionda, Cathleen McCarron, Christopher Commodore, Kelsey Hellwig, Ardella Montgomery

Introduction to Law
Deborah Walsh, Team Leader
Linda Butterworth Till, Patricia Lemire

Exploring Technology
Lori Weir, Team Leader
Jeanne Canale, Louis Perriello

Searching for Heroes
Christine Ryan

Essential skills for the Health Professional
Amy Cone, Team Leader
Debra Shaw

Strictly Business
John Femia
Barbara Noonan

Born Identity
Jennifer Pisarik
Peter Shea

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