Music Technology Courses

MUS 120 - Introduction to Music Technology

This course is designed to introduce students to the various ways that technology influences music production and performance. Topics to be covered will include basic computer/Internet skills, digital audio, basic acoustics and music synthesis, MIDI, sequencing, and music notation. Students will acquire skills by completing independent projects utilizing various music software applications in the electronic music lab.

MUS 170 - Music Technology II

This course is designed for students who already possess a basic understanding of the important concepts of digital audio editing,MIDI, and synthesis. Music Technology II will allow students to explore audio recording/production techniques, classic electronic synthesis, digital processing, and electronic composition in depth. Students will create electronic music projects in the Music Technology Lab that are designed to utilize a variety of software and hardware to enhance the students' technique, as well as to increase understanding of the increasingly prominent role that technology plays in the music of our time.  Students will be required to commit to at least one hour of lab time per week in addition to the scheduled class time.

Prerequisite: MUS 120

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Last Modified: 8/4/23