Music Ensembles

MUS 140 - Chorus and Basic Musicianship

This course is designed to introduce students to fundamentals of singing in a group. Repertoire will be drawn from a wide range of choral styles and periods. Students will learn basic musicianship skills (reading, pitches and rhythms, and recognition of intervals) and vocal techniques (vocal placement and diction). The semester will culminate in public performance at MCC.

MUS 190 - Chorus II

A continuation of Chorus I for 1 credit. Students will not be required to take the basic musicianship part of the course, but will join the chorus for the rehearsal portion of the class.

MUS 241 - Guitar Ensemble

Students join Guitar I for the rehearsal portion of the class.

Prerequisite:  MUS 131 and MUS 181 or permission of instructor


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Last Modified: 8/4/23