Career Information

Job Description:

The DLT does not work directly with patients. A dentist sends a written prescription to the dental technician to fabricate a prosthetic device. This could be an orthodontic appliance, a partial denture, complete denture, ceramic crowns or crown and bridge.

Possible Places of Employment:

The DLT may be employed in a dental office and work directly for a dentist. However, most are employed in commercial dental labs which serve a large number of dentists. These laboratories may be a one technician operation or an establishment with more than one hundred dental technicians.

Job Market:

The dental laboratory technology industry is a multi billion dollar industry. There are more than four hundred dental labs in Massachusetts. Placement rate upon graduation is excellent.


$30,000-$80,000 for an established DLT. Starting salary is between $9 and $15 an hour. Owners of dental labs have the potential to earn more than $150,000 annually.

Degree Program at Middlesex Community College:

The Dental Laboratory Technology program is a 2 year program granting an Associates Degree. Please use the navigation button on the left for more information on the curriculum and how to apply to the program.

Last Modified: 7/12/22