The Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP)-FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I purchase more than one copy of the software?

No. Due to the special licensing and pricing for use on a personal (not college-owned) computer, only one copy of the software may be purchased. Please read the terms and conditions of the license for more information.

What happens if I need to reinstall the software?

Make sure that you make a backup copy of the downloaded software. It will then be available for you when you need it. You can purchase backups, if you prefer, from the HUP web site.

Can I get replacement copies from the Technology Center?

Under the terms of this license, the Technology Center may not provide you with a copy of the software.

Can I get a copy of both Office 2016 for Windows and Office 2016 for Mac?

Under the terms of this license, you may only purchase one version.

Where do I go if I need help?

You can receive help from Microsoft directly, as the license agreement is between you and Microsoft. You can locate customer support on the HUP web site.

Can I get help from the Technology Center?

The Technology Center can help you with software installed on your College-owned computer. We may not assist you with your personal or home computer, as this violates both license and warranty conditions.

Last Modified: 7/27/18