Behind The Click - I.T. and the Pandemic

Read the full story of the people "Behind the Click" - the dedicated staff in the Technology Center whose efforts contributed to the continuity of our educational mission during the pandemic through the use of existing and new technology solutions.

Through the early days of the pandemic to the present day, the entire institution has learned new ways to deliver services, how to be more flexible than ever before, and how to create and deliver even more innovative solutions to support the college's mission.

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Behind The Click report cover

Report highlights:

  • IT role on the Emergency Management Team
  • Establishing remote access for all
  • Blackboard SaaS Migration - May 2020 - with new Banner integration
  • Expansion of Wireless Hot Spots
  • Chromebooks for students
  • Laptops for Faculty and Staff
  • Expansion of Virtual Desktop system (VDI)
  • New 24/7 Help System for Blackboard and other issues
  • Innovative use of the MCC Mobile App for Contact Tracing and communication channel.
  • Email system upgrade
  • Switch to Virtual and VPN phone systems
  • Increase online and data security including Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Zoom expansion
  • Online Course Evaluations expansion
  • Dental Clinic renovations, New Bio Tech Lab and Upgrade Cyber Security Labs
  • Upgrade of technology in President's Conference Room and Bedford Cafeteria
Last Modified: 2/7/24