Volunteer Globally

Interested in changing the world?  Consider volunteering with a global focus!

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Logo

Habitat for Humanity is a domestic and international volunteer program. Their Global Village program provides opportunities to volunteer internationally to build decent, affordable shelter alongside members of the country you visit.

Give Back Time

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Give Back Time connects local non-profit organizations with local volunteers. Give Back Time provides a hub of volunteer opportunities - both abroad and domestic - tailored specifically to your interests and desired geographic area. Your served time will be verified and organized so you can directly see the impact you make in your community.

Plan My Gap Year


Founded by volunteers for volunteers, Plan My Gap Year is based in England and provides volunteer opportunities around the globe. You can choose between different types of 'projects' like child care or wildlife conservation or you can choose a country or region that most interests you.

Last Modified: 8/2/21