Welcome to the MCC Food Pantry!

The MCC Food Pantries are currently open and 100% free for MCC students and employees. While MCC classes are mostly remote, the MCC Food Pantries will be accessible/available by individual request, 7 days/week, 8am - 8pm.

To access either the MCC Lowell or Bedford food pantry, and/or to obtain a $25 Market Basket gift card:

  • Go to the campus most convenient to you between 8am - 8pm: Lowell Cowan Center  or Bedford House.
  • Call Public Safety: Bedford (781-589-0234); Lowell (781-589-1384) to have them meet you outside.
  • Please have your MCC student ID and/or A# with you to provide to the Public Safety Officer if requested.
  • Public Safety will escort you to the pantry (only one person will be admitted at a time).
  • When visiting the MCC campus, you must wear a mask or face shield (required) and gloves (preferred).
  • Please bring your own pen with you for signing in/out.
  • Please plan to adhere to social distancing guidelines of 6 feet or more.
  • If you have Covid-like symptoms, have tested positive for Covid-19, or been exposed to an individual who has tested positive, please do not visit the MCC Food pantries. We will gladly arrange an alternate way to get food to you.
  • If available, you can also request/receive 1 gift card (unless you have 2 or more children at home, and then you will receive 2 cards) – just ask Public Safety for one (quantities limited).
  • Feel free to bring a reusable bag with you if you’d like, and please be thoughtful about only taking what you need from the pantry.


For more information about anything related to the MCC Food Pantries or to make a donation, please email foodpantry@middlesex.mass.edu.

We are not currently accepting donations of food or personal care items due to covid-19.

Last Modified: 6/24/20