The Office of Student Engagement is committed to collaborating with on-campus and local partners to provide outreach programs for our students. It our goal to fully support students in all aspects of their well being.

Click here information about Mental Health and Personal Counseling on campus.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms can be found at:

Lowell Campus

• Office of Student Engagement (LCG04)
• Federal Building 2nd floor (Room 222 - Meditation and Reflection Room)
• Federal Building 3rd floor (adjacent to Courtroom Conference Room)

Bedford Campus

  • Office of Student Engagement (Campus Center – Room 211)
  • Bedford Library (near back hallway exit)
  • Bedford House (one restroom on ground floor and two on 1st floor)
  • South Academic (between rooms 113 and 115)

Lactation Rooms can be found in Lowell Cowan Center G04 and Bedford House Room 103. Email StudentEngagement@middlesex.mass.edu to reserve a time in the rooms.

Last Modified: 7/30/19