Student Union Government Association

Student Government strives to:

  • improve the quality of student life by regularly surveying students and communicating their needs to administration.
  • represent the interests and opinions of students and increase student decision-making power at campus meetings and on campus-wide committees.
  • ensure fiscal responsibility through cost-effective budget management.
  • create and promote student leadership opportunities for all students.
  • support students and student organizations in their academic and community endeavors.
  • communicate Federal and Massachusetts laws affecting students to students.
  • petition. lobby. and support groups that defend student rights.
  • serve as ambassadors of Middlesex Community College at College functions such as Open Houses, Opening Day, and special events.
  • develop and maintain collaborative relationships with MCC staff and community members.
  • encourage responsibility, self discipline and good citizenship, and foster unity in realizing the ideals of education and democracy.
  • Develop self confidence, independence and additional leadership skills of all its members.
Last Modified: 8/5/12