Enter the MCC e-Scavenger Hunt and you may win a MacBook Air, iPad, iPod Touch, $100 Visa Gift Card or other cool prizes.


  September 5, 2012  through  October 5, 2012.


  1. To play and win, you must be a Middlesex Student.
  2. Register Here! at any time during the month of September.
  3. At the completion of your hunt, you must submit your answers on the form below.  You can submit your answers online or in person in the Center for Leadership & Engagement.
  4. The student with the most correct responses wins.  In the event of a tie, the student who submitted responses first wins.
  5. First place winner will receive an iPad!  Second place will receive an iPod Touch!  Third and fourth place will receive gift cards totaling $200 each.  Fifth-Ninth place winners will receive gift cards of $100 each. Tenth-14th place will receive gift cards of $50 each. Up to 20 runners up will receive Middlesex merchandise.

For more information, e-mail studentengagement@middlesex.mass.edu

How To Play:

Use the MCC Webpage, social media, and your e-mail to complete the following by October 5th (Turn in as soon as you are done!)

  1. What is the URL for the Middlesex Community College website?
  2. On the MCC homepage, what is the average class size?
  3. "Like" and/or comment on the Block Party photos on the Middlesex Facebook page (to be posted on 9/7).
  4. On the MCC website find how many degree and certificate programs MCC offers.
  5. On the MCC website find out what event is listed in Important Dates for November 9th?
  6. On the MCC homepage, what is one subject (any one!) in the News & Events?
  7. Using website "Search" function to find out what is the only Associate Degree Program offered starting with the letter "M".
  8. Type "English" in the "Search for Course" on the Academics page - what is the 4th course listed?
  9. Use the website "Search" function to find the phone number for the Lowell Campus bookstore.
  10. Check your student news every Monday and Thursday (in your MCC e-mail Inbox at 8:30am) to find the secret words or phrases. There will be 3 words/phrases throughout the month of September. Please list all three words or phrases.
  11. Check out the MCC blog. What is the title of the posting on July 12th?
  12. Post a response to the question on the 9/10 Student Activities Facebook page.
  13. What did the MCC Dean of Students tweet on September 18th?
  14. What three words are shown in this video at 20 seconds into the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcf2PQkQjiU
  15. Send an e-mail from your Middlesex e-mail to Director of Student Accounts, Chris Fiori to tell him he's doing a great job.  You must copy Jonathan Crockett and be sure to sign your name.
  16. Go to the Financial Aid website - when is the FAFSA available?
  17. What was your answer to #20 of the Communication and Media Preferences survey?
  18. Send an e-mail from your Middlesex e-mail to studentengagement@middlesex.mass.edu and answer the following question:  What do you love most about MCC?

Click here to submit your answers online – please make sure you enter ALL your answers before you hit the "submit" button.

Click here for a printable PDF of the answer sheet if you wish to submit your answers directly to the Lowell or Bedford Center for Leadership and Engagement.

Last Modified: 11/15/16