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Alcohol & Drug Education/Awareness

The Center for Health & Wellness provides periodic events/activities to increase awareness and education regarding the risks of alcohol and drug use. This semester, check out our annual Mocktoberfest on Thursday, October 30th on both campuses to learn more about the dangers of drunk driving.

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Center for Health & Wellness

The Center for Health and Wellness (CHW) coordinates a wide variety of health and wellness resources, activities, events, and facilities on each campus, striving to inspire individual and community health in a variety of ways. Stop by and visit us to meet our staff and learn more about our services. The CHW provides over the counter relief such as aspirin/ibuprofen, Band-Aids, ice packs, antibiotic gel, feminine hygiene products, and throat lozenges. The CHW also offers equipment for blood pressure reading and checking weight. Stop by to meet our friendly staff and learn more about what we offer to the campus community.

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Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Middlesex Community College is committed to recognizing equity and inclusion as the foundation for excellence and creativity. In that spirit, we are pleased to announce 9 restrooms campus-wide that have been identified as gender inclusive, single-stall restrooms. These restrooms are available for any MCC student or employee who feels more comfortable in a private restroom. For after-hours access to these restrooms, please contact Public Safety for assistance. These restrooms have all been identified with door signs indicating gender inclusion.

Lowell Campus

  • Center for Health & Wellness (LCG04)
  • Federal Building 3rd floor (adjacent to Courtroom Conference Room)
  • Student Lounge (45 Middle St)

Bedford Campus

  • Center for Health & Wellness (Campus Center – Room 211)
  • Bedford Library (adjacent to TLRC, near back hallway exit)
  • Bedford House (one restroom on ground floor and two on 1st floor)
  • South Academic Hall (between rooms 113 and 115)

For questions regarding gender inclusive restrooms, please contact the Center for Health & Wellness at wellness@middlesex.mass.edu.

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Health & Wellness Expo

The annual Health and Wellness Expos are a great way to learn more about local health and wellness resources, services, businesses, and programs. The 2015 Wellness Expos will be held from 10a-1p on Wednesday, February 11th in Bedford and Wednesday, February 25th in Lowell. Stop by for giveaways, samples, demonstrations, and a lot of useful information. Annual highlights include free chair massage, free tarot card and palm reading, acupuncture, and an interactive scavenger hunt.  For more information, e-mail wellness@middlesex.mass.edu.

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Lactation Rooms

The Center for Health & Wellness is pleased to offer a private, secure, furnished room on each campus for women who are either breastfeeding or pumping. In Lowell, this room is located in LCG04B, and in Bedford it is located in the Campus Center, Room 213. These lactation rooms are available for any MCC student or employee. To reserve time/space in these rooms, please contact the Center for Health and Wellness at wellness@middlesex.mass.edu for a Request Form.

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Lifeworks (EAP)

MCC employees are eligible for a tremendous wealth of free resources through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) called Lifeworks. Lifeworks offers guidance and support on a wide variety of personal matters related to personal health, family, finances, legal matters, relationships, and much, much more. All employees have a unique username and password to be able to access the full scope of these services and information. More than online resources, many services provided by Lifeworks include speaking with professionals on the phone about specific resources. This is a tremendously valuable collection of resources – check it out!

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Meditation is offered every Friday from 12:30-1:00 on both the Lowell and Bedford campuses. Facilitated by MCC employees Lynn Gregory and Bob Fera, these sessions are free, open to beginners and experienced meditators, and are a terrific way to gain the myriad benefits of meditation (or experience it for the first time). In Lowell, medication occurs in LF016 (Federal Building basement), and in Bedford it occurs in the Campus Center, Room 216. No appointment or registration necessary – just show up with an open mind and a desire to learn or practice mediation in a safe, comfortable environment. For more information, e-mail wellness@middlesex.mass.edu.

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Personal Counseling and Consultation

MCC offers free, short-term personal counseling for all enrolled MCC students, provided by licensed mental health counselors Lynn Gregory and Marilyn Yeo. For more information, check out their Personal Counseling website. Ideal for students who may need some personal support or guidance – this is a terrific resource on both the Lowell and Bedford campuses. For MCC employees dealing with students whose behavior is of concern, don’t hesitate to consult with one of the personal counselors for strategies and support.  If an employee needs support of a more personal nature, please check out all the wonderful resources available through MCC’s Employee Assistance Program, Lifeworks.

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Positivity Seminar

MCC faculty Bob Fera provides a refreshing, transformative seminar on Positivity. This free seminar introduces strategies, provides research, and invites discussion, all designed to encourage participants to harness the power of positive thinking, as a way to improve their overall quality of life and reframe their existence in positive ways. This remarkable seminar is open to a small group annually – please contact Bob Fera directly at ferar@middlesex.mass.edu to learn more about the next upcoming Positivity Seminar.

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Stressbuster Week

The week before finals is Stressbuster Week. In an effort to help reduce stress and anxiety for students and staff, the Center for Health & Wellness offers a variety of activities and events, including therapeutic dogs on campus, free snacks, free chair massage, random acts of kindness, and movies. Sponsored by the Center for Health and Wellness and the Middlesex Activities Crew, Stressbuster Week is a great way to take a break from the chaos of finals. Check out this previous Stressbuster Week experience.

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Student Lounges

The Student Lounges are available on both campuses for recreational use by students and staff. In Lowell, the Student Lounge is located at 45 Middle St. and in Bedford the lounge is located on the ground floor of the Campus Center (Room 117). These lounges feature ping pong and foosball tables, couches, chairs and tables for sitting, and a relaxed and comfortable environment for socializing with peers. The Lowell Student Lounge is also where students and employees can get their MCC ID card.

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Take Back the Night

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Wellness Course (1-credit)

Recognizing that personal wellness is a transferable life skill directly related to student success, MCC offers a 1-credit wellness course each semester. This course explores the myriad components of health and wellness as highlighted by the wellness wheel. This course encourages students to assess their current wellness level, recognize the impact of their choices in life, and empowers them to recognize alternative choices and to make healthier decisions in the future.

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Wellness Wheel

The Wellness Wheel is the symbolic backbone of all-things-wellness at Middlesex Community College.  The wellness wheel highlights 8 specific components of personal health and wellness, including physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, occupational, environmental, and financial elements, each with their own definition and description. The wellness wheel demonstrates the interconnection between different aspects of wellness, and reminds us that health and wellness is so much more than just exercise and nutrition.

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Last Modified: 7/27/18