Cathy McCarron

Cathy McCarron of the Carnegie Group co-authored an article with Alicia Russell, director of the Educational Technology Center at Northeastern University, entitled, "The Benefits for Faculty Teaching in Online and F2F Environments." The article, which was published in The Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, 2nd Edition, concludes that faculty who teach both online and in the classroom improve as teachers when reinvigorated by the experience of trying new approaches. Teaching online can improve organization; encourage faculty to be clear (in writing) about expectations, requirements, dates and timelines and clear feedback; and inspire faculty to pay attention to different learning styles. Teaching in both environments can remind faculty to recognize and nurture the different ways students can learn as a community of minds, and to make the most of the energy that springs from a shared, synchronous experience. The article also cites the Carnegie work of Dona Cady, Don Marguiles and David Kalivas.

Last Modified: 6/10/16