Accessing SL PRO for your Service-Learning Courses

All students participating in service-learning must use the web-based registration system.  If you have any problems or questions contact Josselyn Porter (see below).

  1. Go to
  2. Go to SL Pro Logins and then SL Pro Student Login.
  3. Sign on. 
    • If you are registering for the first time click and fill out the Student Registration Information form. 
    • If you have already registered enter your Username and Password. If you forget your password click the "Forgot your login?" link on the SL Pro login page.
  4. Go to My Courses and select the department of the course you are enrolled in and then select the course that you are enrolled in.
  5. Click on "add to my courses" on the upper right hand side and then click on course name.
  6. Click on Placement Title to learn about the agency/site. **See below if you are interested in doing your service–learning at a site not on the database**
  7. Call the Site Supervisor, introduce yourself, set up placement, and arrange your start date.
  8. If you leave a message, follow up the next day or until you reach the supervisor, and when your placement is confirmed log back onto the database and continue with #9.
  9. After you have confirmed your placement with the site supervisor click on the "Register Now" button at the bottom of the page to register for this placement. ***If you are registering for service-learning in more than one course repeat steps  4, 5, 6, and 8 for the second course.***
  10. Print the Service-Learning Contract.  Fill out the student portion and then take it to the site where you are doing your service-learning and fill it out with your supervisor and then hand it in to your professor for them to fill out.  Submit the signed service-learning contract to the Service-Learning Office (Lowell –5th floor, Office #21, Bedford- Bedford House, Room 209).  Deadline for service-learning contracts is February 20, 2015.
  11. Print the Service-Learning Time Report.  On this form keep track of your weekly hours.  Submit the completed and signed form to the Service-Learning Office by May 1, 2015.


**If you plan to do your service-learning at a site not on the list you need to first get it approved by your professor and then call and arrange the placement yourself. Next, e-mail Josselyn Porter the following information: Your name, the course and section that your are in, your professor's name, the name of the site you would like to do your SL at, the address and phone number of the site and the site supervisor's name.  I will verify the placement, add it to the database, and then e-mail you back that you can go back on the database and continue registering.**

For questions or more information please contact:

Josselyn Porter, Coordinator of Service-Learning
978-656-3462 --


Last Modified: 1/16/15