Types of Minigrants

MCC and Perkins Minigrants

The goal of the MCC and Perkins Minigrant Program is to support full- and part-time faculty and professional staff members in researching and developing or improving curricula and/or services that will have a direct impact on students. While there is only one opportunity to apply for a minigrant, your proposed project may be completed over the summer or the academic year.  The typical application process runs from the beginning of May until the day after graduation.

 2014-2015 Areas of Focus for MCC & Perkins Minigrants

This year the minigrant process continues to include a specific emphasis on the college's Institutional Student Learning Outcomes.  While applications come from many areas, preference was given to projects and activities related to the integration and/or assessment of one or more of the ISLOs.

  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Quantitative Literacy
  • Multicultural and Global Literacy
  • Social Responsibility
  • Personal and Professional Development

There were also funds available to support projects that promote closing the achievement gap, as well as Gen Ed promotion.

Eligibility for Minigrants

All full-time faculty and professional staff members are eligible to participate in the Mini-grant program. Part-time faculty and professional staff may submit a joint application with a full-time colleague or an individual application. Applications from individual part-time faculty and staff require a letter of endorsement from the appropriate supervisor.

All mini-grant projects should be discussed with your dean prior to applying.

Application form: The application process is closed for this cycle. Please make sure to check May 1st for the next application cycle.  Thanks for your interest.

Proposal Application & Guidelines

After discussing your concept with your Division Dean, applicants should complete the proposal and email it to Gail Desrochers with a copy to their Division Dean. The Minigrant Committee will review all proposals.  Applicants will discuss their proposal with the minigrant committee in June, and award announcements are typically made in mid-June.




Funding & Suggested Compensation

Proposals may be submitted and funding requested at one of the following levels: $2,500, $2,000, $1,500, $1,000, $500 or smaller amounts.

Suggested Compensation for Course Development & Other Projects

  • Development of a new course or total course redesign
  • Development of a new course which includes the substantial integration of technology (extensive use of multimedia, development of web site)
    $1,500 -$2,000
  • Development of an on-line course (includes completing Distance Learning Instruction 10-week workshop and developing materials)
  • Development or extensive revision of a course module
    $300 - $500
  • Compensation for projects and relevant activities that develop responsive systems and services throughout the College that will have a direct impact on student success. (Examples of some types of activities: working on high school articulation program; developing, teaching, and assessing a training module; developing new assessment tools; conducting a three-part workshop)

If you have questions...

Contact your Division Dean, or e-mail Paulo Barrio, or Gail Desrochers in the Office of Professional Development.

Last Modified: 4/10/15