Using Blackboard Outcomes

Blackboard Outcomes Assessment is a set of tools that allow faculty and administrators to collect samples of student work that can be used for both institutional and program assessment activities. The tools related to Outcomes Assessment, such as learning outcomes and rubrics, are integrated into the assessment experience to empower evidence-based decision making.

The PDF tutorials below show faculty how to use these tools. Click the title of the tutorial to access the associated pdf file.

How to Create an Assignment in Blackboard for Artifact Collection- This tutorial is for instructors who are creating an assignment in a Blackboard course specifically to collect artifacts for assessment purposes.

Aligning an Assignment with an Outcome in Blackboard- This tutorial explains how to align an existing assignment with a learning outcome. (Video version link)

How Students Submit an Assignment to Blackboard - This tutorial is for students who are new to the process of uploading their work to an Assignment dropbox in Blackboard. (Video version link).

Evaluating an Artifact- Once an assignment is aligned with a learning outcome, the student work submitted in response to that assignment can be assessed in Blackboard Outcomes by any faculty member who has been selected as an evaluator.

Last Modified: 9/18/19