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Northeast Regional Internship Program(NRIP)

~ Industry Connection & Opportunity

The NRIP provides opportunities for students to gain early professional skills and real-world experience in a variety of settings while meeting regional employer needs and diversifying the STEM workforce in the Commonwealth. The Program aligns curriculum with data-driven experiential learning through career readiness instruction and substantive work assignments. Together with industry partners, NRIP discovers and cultivates undergraduate talent to achieve long-term economic stability and success for individuals and the region.

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NRIP will be the most comprehensive regional community college internship consortium, streamlining the career pipeline in the Massachusetts Northeast geographic area while creating opportunity for historically excluded students. Based on shared values and inclusive practices, it will build powerful partnerships between industry and a community of educators and will create access to opportunities that are responsive to the regional labor market priorities, shifts, and gaps.


NRIP connects students and employers by providing opportunities for students from historically excluded backgrounds at MCC and our sister community colleges to gain paid, early career experiences that meet the research-based needs of STEM employers in our region.


NRIP operates by the following guiding principles: Equity, Diversity, Continuous Learning and Leadership. 


NRIP supports the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) eight Career Competencies: Career and Self-Development, Communication, Critical Thinking, Equity and Inclusion, Leadership, Professionalism, Teamwork and Technology. Participation in NRIP will measurably increase the students’ skills in these areas. 



STUDENT BENEFITS                                                                      EMPLOYER BENEFITS

• introduction to potential career pathway                                            • source future employees

• skills-based job experience                                                               • reduce recruiting costs

• mentorship                                                                                     • increase visibility in community

• networking connections                                                                   • test-drive talent

• secure references & recommendations                                              • increase staff productivity

• path towards full-time employment in field                                        • close skill gaps of employees

• build confidence                                                                             • give back to community 

• free 1 credit Career Readiness course                                               • foster leadership opportunities

• childcare & transportation stipends for those with demonstrated need  • networking connections


Students! Applications are open now!

Apply here!



NRIP is powered by partnerships with The Boston Foundation, regional employers and students. MCC is grateful for the sponsorship of The Boston Foundation who has provided the funding for developing and deploying this program. The program targets historically excluded students in STEM majors including Pell-eligible students, students of color, female students and any others who would not typically have access to these types of opportunities. 


Middlesex Career Office Locations:

Bedford Campus Location: Enrollment Center, Career Services Center, 2nd floor
Lowell Campus Location: Cowan Center, Career and Pathways Center, 3rd floor

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