High School versus College

photo of dental studentphoto of student sitting outside Bedford Campusphoto of radiologic technology student

What are some of the differences?

  • You will be part of a more diverse student body in college.
  • You may not feel as unique or special if you attend a larger college.
  • Managing your time will be more complex because of classes meeting on various days and commitments including work, family, activities, and sports.
  • There will be more people to become friends with- but more difficult choosing those you want to build a lasting relationship with.
  • Your college classes may have a lot more students in them and meet for longer periods.
  • College tests are given less frequently.
  • You will do more writing in college.
  • Your teacher rarely will monitor your progress. You’re on your own.
  • You will have to choose from many more types of courses.
  • While peer pressure keeps many high school student from interacting with faculty, in college it’s the norm to ask a teacher for advice or guidance.
  • You and your teachers will have more freedom to express different views.
  • College teachers usually have private offices and keep regular office hours.
  • High school is more “textbook focused”, while college is more “lecture focused.”
  • In college you will be encouraged to do original research and to investigate differing points of view on a topic.
  • College students have more work to do, both in and out of class.
Last Modified: 8/2/21