Math Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Name Title Campus Office Telephone E-mail address
Maria Arambel Professor Lowell Cowan 5-52 978-656-3126
Aisha Arroyo Assistant Professor Bedford NA-213 781-280-3981
Linda Dart-Kathios (chair) Professor Lowell Cowan 5-53 978-656-3193
Joanna DelMonaco Professor Bedford NA-214 781-280-3781
Bert Engvall Professor Lowell Cowan 5-48 978-656-3355
Scott Higinbotham Professor Bedford NA-214 781-280-3713
Glenn Johnson Professor Lowell Cowan 5-25 978-656-3131
Lengchivon Kou Assistant Professor Bedford NA-212 781-280-3802
Robyn McDonough Assistant Professor Lowell Cowan 5-50 978-656-3140
Aliza Miller Associate Professor Bedford NA-212 781-280-3944
Samuel Sefah Assistant Professor Lowell Cowan 5-49 978-656-3192
Hayat Weiss Professor Bedford HH-321 781-280-3833
Michael Williamson Professor Lowell Cowan 5-40 978-656-3128
Tonka Zelenkova Associate Professor Lowell Cowan 5-51 978-656-3162

Adjunct Faculty

Click here (soon!) to see the list of adjunct faculty in the MCC mathematics department for Spring 2020. The listing includes the faculty member’s MCC e-mail address.

Last Modified: 1/21/20