Program Requirements

All Middlesex students with a minimum 3.2 GPA and 12 or more college level credits are eligible for membership in the Commonwealth Honors Program, but membership in the program only begins when students enroll in honors seminars/courses. To graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar, students must complete all program requirements including completion of a minimum of three honors courses with a grade of "B" or better and participate in the annual Honors Poster Conference (April). This also means that students must have a minimum 3.2 grade point average in their honors courses as well as an overall grade point average of 3.2 to graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar.

Entering students with no prior college experience can also join the program if they have graduated high school with a minimum 3.2 GPA and place into Honors English Composition I on the College Placement Test. Please contact the Director of the Honors Program with any questions.

Commonwealth Honors Scholar Graduation Requirements

1. Minimumof three honors courses are required to graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar. One course must be an interdisciplinary team taught seminar denoted by the double asterisk (**).  Students must enroll in at least two honors seminars and are encouraged to take as many seminars as they can to make the most of their learning experience at the college.


HUM/HST 930 World Cultures**

HUM/HST 931 Latin American Literature and History**

HUM/PSY 932 Asian Literature and Social Psychology**

ECO/SOC 935 Poverty, Wealth, and Capitalism**

SOC 901 Introduction to Globalization

HST 914 Middle East


ENG 101 English Comp Honors

ENG 102 Introduction to Literature Honors

ENV/SOC 917 Effects of the Environment on Health/Honors

2. Students may also complete Honors Option Contracts with the approval of professors in non-honors courses. Students are eligible for honors contracts if they satisfy the following criteria: minimum 3.2 GPA, completed twelve college level credits, and a B or better in English Comp I or English Comp II.  Students may enroll in one honors option contract before taking any other honors courses or seminars, but cannot enroll in more than one contract until successful completion of at least two honors seminars/courses.

3. Students must participate in the Annual Honors Poster Conference (April).

Contact the Commonwealth Honors Office

781-280-3553 or

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