Program Requirements

Eligibility for the Commonwealth Honors Program (CHP):

  1. Current students with a minimum 3.2 GPA and at least six college level credits. 
  2. New students need a minimum B+ high school average.


                  Commonwealth Honors Program Graduation Requirements

  1. Minimum 3.2 GPA and a B average for all honors courses.
  2. Participate in annual research conference
  3. Complete a minimum of three honors courses: two from the 200 level seminars, of which one has to be interdisciplinary, and the third course can be from either the 100 level honors courses or 200 level seminars. Beyond the minimum requirements, you can take as many honors courses as you would like. Please see the chart below.



List 1

Choose two courses from this list



List 2

Choose one course from this list

HST/HUM/SOC 290 World Cultures (interdisciplinary honors seminar)

HST/COM 292 U.S. History through  Film (interdisciplinary honors seminar)

SOC 294 Globalization (honors seminar)

Nursing Seminars

NUR 205 Nursing Care of Adult I (interdisciplinary honors seminar-nursing students only)

NUR 255 Nursing Care of Adult II (interdisciplinary honors seminar-nursing students only)


HST/HUM/SOC 290 World Cultures

SOC 294 Globalization

HST/COM 292 U.S. History through  Film

ETH 101 Ethics and Society (Honors Section)

CHE 251 Organic Chemistry I and Lab

PSY 101 Intro to Psychology (Honors Section)

ENG 141 Modern World Literature (Honors Section)

ENG 140 Early World Literature (Honors Section)

SOC/HUM/COM 143 Race, Class, and Gender

HUM 104 Myths (Honors Section)

ENG 101 Comp I (Honors Section)

ENG 102 Comp II (Honors Section)



Honors Option Contract Eligibility:

Completion of two honors seminars/courses, minimum 3.2 GPA. Once these criteria are satisfied, the approval of the instructor and the honors program director are required before the student can proceed with an Honors Option Contract.

For more information, contact the Commonwealth Honors Office at 781-280-3553 or

Last Modified: 8/10/21